Product Details
The Warm Wonders Bouquet
Item No: 17-F8
The Warm Wonders Bouquet blooms with the beauty of the most perfect day! Full of color and light, this eye-catching fresh flower arrangement brings together every shade and texture of orange and yellow through it's mix of roses, LA Hybrid Lilies, gerbera daisies, and carnations. Presented in a gorgeous blue glass vase to perfectly complement the fiery color of the flowers, this fall flower bouquet is set to send your warmest thank you, thinking of you, get well, Happy Day wishes.
STANDARD bouquet is approx. 13"H x 10"W.
DELUXE bouquet is approx. 15"H x 11"W.
PREMIUM bouquet is approx. 15"H x 13"W.
EXQUISITE bouquet is approx. 17"H x 15"W.