Product Details
Pure Romance Rose Bouquet
Item No: E3-5238
Utterly romantic and blossoming with your love through every blushing bloom, this gorgeous rose bouquet is out to convey your heart's every wish. Hot pink, red, and lavender roses mingle with lush greens while seated in a vibrant pink glass vase. The perfect anniversary, "I love you," or Valentine's Day gift!
Standard bouquet includes 9 stems. Approx. 14"H x 11"W.
Deluxe bouquet includes 12 stems. Approx. 15"H x 11"W.
Premium bouquet includes 17 stems. Approx. 16"H x 12"W.
EXQUISITE bouquet includes 24 stems. Approx. 17"H x 14"W.
Standard 9 stems
Deluxe 12 Stems
Premium 17 Stems
Exquisite 24 Stems