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Posted by Sonari Pathak on February 22, 2021 | Last Updated: March 5, 2021 General


Some people are drawn to the physical attractiveness of orchids, while others are in awe of their symbolism of love, charm, beauty, thoughtfulness, refinement, and fertility. Here at Flower Kingdom, the number one florist in Palm Beach Gardens, we believe orchids are full of wonder from their natural allure to their inspiring meaning. There’s always a reason to give marvelous blooms to loved ones, and you’ll find that orchids truly do complement every special occasion, even if the occasion is “just because.” 

Popular orchids like Dendrobium, Phalaenopsis, and Cymbidium can be found in a multitude of colors, including pink, white, red, green, orange, blue, yellow, and purple. Each captivating hue represents another unique symbol and orchid meaning. Find out which vivid color speaks best for your next occasion and special celebration.

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Orchid Meaning by Color

Blue Orchids

Orchids were once exclusive and rare blooms coveted by the upper class in the Victorian Era. Today, blue orchids remain a symbol of beauty, uniqueness, rarity, and even spirituality. While blue orchids may still be an uncommon bloom, often overshadowed by more popular red roses, white lilies, and pink tulips, they prove to be the most thoughtful and charming.

Red Orchids

The ancient Aztecs were known to create an elixir from orchids and chocolate to enhance their inner strength and power. Today, strength is still a symbol of red orchids, as well as courage, determination, perseverance, desire, passion, and love. As such, this bold bloom is ideal to send to your sweetheart, or could be the perfect match for red roses.

Pink Orchids

Pink orchids are a sweet symbol of innocence, gentleness, grace, playfulness, joy, and fertility. The ancient Greeks even connected orchids with fertility as they used the tuberous roots to predict a baby’s gender. Pink orchids are a wonderful bloom to help expecting mothers and growing families celebrate.

White Orchids

Symbolizing innocence, elegance, humility, beauty, and purity are white orchids. Faith, spirituality, and safety are also common associations with white orchids. These fresh flowers and beautiful blooms are wonderful additions to floral arrangements for some places of worship or even bridal bouquets.

Purple Orchids

As mentioned above, the Victorian Age influenced the meaning of orchids in a profound way. Purple orchids have since become a symbol of royalty, dignity, and authority. If you’re in the market for a beautiful bloom to show admiration for a loved one or someone you respect, a purple orchid will do just that.

Yellow Orchids

As an optimistic, happy, and cheerful colored bloom, yellow orchids symbolize joy, friendship, and new beginnings. This wonderfully bright flower is perfect for cheering up friends and encouraging those who are beginning new chapters. Yellow orchids are always a great choice for brightening someone’s day, even if that someone is you.

Orange Orchids

Orange orchids are beautiful to display in your home or to send to your entrepreneur friends. As a symbol of enthusiasm, boldness, and pride, this vivid orchid is great for most celebrations. On its own, the color orange represents creativity, success, sunshine, and excitement.

Green Orchids

Green orchids symbolize blessings, good fortune, good health, longevity, and nature. These symbols go hand-in-hand with the meaning of the color green, which includes luck and harmony. You’ll find these beautiful emerald blooms in many homes and offices in Japan, as the Japanese culture believes green orchids are sure to bring good fortune in their life and career.

Our favorite thing about these blooms is that no matter the color, orchids are a symbol of beauty, love, thoughtfulness, charm, refinement, and fertility. Each meaning of orchid proves to be quite fitting for a variety of life’s moments and special celebrations. Find the freshest orchids to make your next occasion memorable, here at Flower Kingdom.