NOTE: The photo shown is a portrait of bromeliad plants and has multiple plants in the photo.

Bromeliad Mini Me Signature Design

Related to the pineapple plant, perhaps because of its sweetness, this gorgeous beauty adds red and tropical greenery to any room. It's delivered in an exclusive container making it extra beautiful. This is the Bromeliaceae Guzmania variety of bromeliads and they are available in a striking array of colors, from orange to red and purple to yellow and even white. These hybrids will offer several weeks of color as tabletop plants, and, like other popular bromeliads, they can be kept as houseplants that will reproduce from "pups" around their base. 

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Item Notes:: Flower Kingdom creates unique, custom arrangements hand designed by our talented staff. Mother Nature creates each flower and plant to be unique and our farm-fresh inventory varies every day, in order to to assure your gift is fresh and gorgeous our team may need to make substitutions but will capture the color & essence of your selection.

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