Classic and Always Appreciated

Roses represent so much and are coveted by all. Red roses for love, white for peace and traquility, yellow for friendship. Whatever message you are sending, send it with fresh blooms from Flower Kingdom!


Roses are a classic and always appreciated!




Flower Kingdom sources our roses from the best growers in the world. Carrying Rouge Baiser roses, a premium quality red rose with a high petal count and a longer life without the usual upcharge, we are your source for luxury roses. Send a bold, beautiful rose that swells in size when open, from your local Palm Beach florist.

Roses are a classically beautiful gift that can represent so many things! Red roses symbolize eternal love, white roses, represent innocence, purity, and charm. Roses have a geometrically fascinating shape and an intoxicating scent. They are a timeless classic.

Flower Kingdom offers same-day delivery on all flowers every day that we are open. For more information on our same-day delivery, check out our same-day delivery FAQ.

Flower Kingdom removes foliage, cuts the stem appropriately, and includes flower food in lukewarm water to make sure the bouquet you have delivered lasts for the longest amount of time. Keeping your roses in a cool spot will increase their shelf life. If this is a particularly precious bouquet, drying your bouquet allows you to maintain this keepsake for years to come.

Flower Kingdom is proud to offer customization. Just give us a call to discuss the many options!

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