Tropical Flowers

Exciting Modern Flowers Are The Perfect Present

Send stunning birds of paradise, lilies, orchids, protea, and so much more! Tropical designs can be powerful and modern. Same-day delivery is available from your local florist, Flower Kingdom.

Favorites in Tropical Flowers

Sending tropical flowers from Flower Kingdom in Palm Beach, FL, is like sending a slice of paradise to someone's doorstep. Our tropical arrangements burst with vibrant colors and exotic blooms that capture the essence of the tropics. Think of lush heliconias, dazzling birds of paradise, and vivid anthuriums, all carefully arranged to create a stunning display that’s sure to wow the recipient. These flowers are visually striking and evoke a sense of warmth, adventure, and the carefree spirit of island life. 

Tropical flowers make a brilliant gift because they stand out and make a statement. They’re perfect for brightening any space and especially great for celebrations and special occasions. Imagine the joy on your loved one’s face as they receive a bouquet that feels as if it’s been freshly picked from a tropical garden. It's a gift that says you went the extra mile to find something unique and extraordinary. Plus, tropical flowers have a longer vase life, ensuring their beauty can be enjoyed for days. With Flower Kingdom’s expert floral designers, you can trust that every arrangement is crafted carefully and creatively, making it a memorable and heartfelt gift.

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