Pony tail palm bonsai in a brown wicker basket

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Pony Tail Palm Plant

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The Pony Tail Palm is not actually a palm; this native of southeastern Mexico is actually a member of the lily family and, also goes by the names Bottle Palm and Elephant’s Foot because of its bulbous base. Ponytails make great indoor plants. They are slow growing, low maintenance plant for home, office or anywhere. Extremely hardy, they do well in either bright indirect or full sun and little water will ensure that this plant will flourish for years. The Ponytail Palm has a swollen base of the trunk, which is where it stores a reserve of water making it highly tolerant to drought. Provide your ponytail palm with bright indirect light to full sun. Any window space indoors particularly one facing north will suit the light requirements of this high-light plant; however, full sun is best.


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