lucky bamboo stems arranged in a round cirle in a white ceramic pot with white stones on the top

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Lucky Bamboo Ring Of Luck

Send the gift of "Good Luck & Prosperity" with this twisted lucky bamboo plant. The lucky bamboo comes in a unique spiral shape with larger-than-average bamboo leaves at the top. More than a plant, it’s a Zen gift of good wishes and an artistic sculptural accent.

According to feng shui principles, lucky bamboo will bring positive energy into a home, office or wherever it’s placed.

Botanical Name: Dracaena sanderiana

Care Instructions:

Lighting: No direct sun
Watering: Distilled or purifyed water is best, do not over-water. 
Tending Tip: Bamboo grows towards a light source and will spiral when rotated regularly. Trim offshoots back to within 1 to 2" from main stem

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Item Notes:: Flower Kingdom creates unique, custom arrangements hand designed by our talented staff. Mother Nature creates each flower and plant to be unique and our farm-fresh inventory varies every day, in order to to assure your gift is fresh and gorgeous our team may need to make substitutions but will capture the color & essence of your selection.

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