The white urn comes with red carnations, blue delphiunium, white gladiola and football mums, myrtle and salal are accented with red, whtie and blue ribbons.

NOTE: Gladiola and football mums be substituted when not available, Similar container will be used.

Red, White, Blue Urn Arrangement

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This tribute is a somber and respectful expression of honor and gratitude for our veterans and service personnel. It features a white urn, symbolizing the purity of their sacrifice, adorned with a striking arrangement of red carnations, blue delphinium, white gladiola, and football mums. These flowers represent the bravery, loyalty, and patriotism of those who served our country.

The myrtle and salal accents provide a sense of natural beauty, and the addition of red, white, and blue ribbons adds a touch of reverence to the display. These ribbons symbolize the colors of our nation's flag and represent the sacrifices made by these brave men and women to protect and defend our freedoms.

We honor their memory and their legacy, and we express our deepest gratitude for their service and sacrifice. May their courage and sacrifice never be forgotten, and may they always be remembered with respect and gratitude.

Approximately 47" HIgh x 48" Wide x 20" Deep

Substitution Policy: Similar flowers will be substituted when not available for the look and feel

Gladiola and Foot ball mums will be substituted when not available.

Item Notes:: Flower Kingdom creates unique, custom arrangements hand designed by our talented staff. Mother Nature creates each flower and plant to be unique and our farm-fresh inventory varies every day, in order to to assure your gift is fresh and gorgeous our team may need to make substitutions but will capture the color & essence of your selection.

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