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Flower Kingdom - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Posted by Sonari Pathak on March 24, 2021 General


If spring cleaning to you means products with toxic or harsh chemical ingredients, it might be time to re-think how you clean. Did you know that you can sanitize and disinfect your home using everyday items like vinegar? Your friends here at Flower Kingdom, the best florist in Palm Beach Gardens, are sharing more than our DIY cleaners to freshen up your home for spring this year. From cleaning and organizing hacks to bringing home the best flowers and plants, your home will be refreshed, reorganized, and refined in no time. 

Refresh Your Bedroom

There’s nothing better than a deep sigh of relief and breath of fresh air as your head hits the pillow after a long day. That’s why it is so important to not overlook spring cleaning your bed as well as the rest of your bedroom. It can be as easy as tossing your pillowcases and sheets in the washer and vacuuming your mattress while it’s bare. Give your bed the refreshing love it deserves and simply use your vacuum extension. To go the extra mile, sprinkle some baking soda on your mattress a half-hour before vacuuming.

Refresh with Florals

To make your bedroom extra fresh for a restful night’s sleep, add a bright pop of color with a lovely bouquet of spring blooms or live green plants. Mother Nature’s gifts are proven to reduce the effects of seasonal depression and everyday stress. In addition, flowers and plants create a relaxing and calming environment with improved oxygen and airflow.

  • Tulips: Feel bright, beautiful, feminine, and light
  • Peace Lily: Sleep peacefully with purified air and increased oxygen flow
  • Eucalyptus: Relax and energize with this invigorating aroma
  • Carnations: Bold hues full of purity and luck

Reorganize Your Kitchen

In the spirit of spring cleaning, take the time to reorganize your kitchen, too. Since the holidays have come and gone and the winter “hibernation” is about to end, it is the perfect time to get rid of all the kitchen utensils and gadgets that have proven to be not so useful this year. You can also assess your kitchen towel inventory and use the old and worn towels as new cleaning rags. 

Reorganize with Florals

Getting reorganized isn’t complete without fresh spring flowers to add the finishing touch. Small floral arrangements work great as a centerpiece for your dining table, a lovely addition to your countertop decor, or a sweet reminder of spring for the windowsill. With wonderful scents and uplifting colors, these blooms are sure to elevate your home and your mood. 

  • Hyacinth: A joyful and fun burst of color
  • Gerbera Daisies: Inspire cheer and rejuvenated energy
  • Daffodils: Proven to be the perfect flower to lift your mood
  • Sunflowers: Incorporate happiness and sunshine into your kitchen

Refine Your Bathroom

After cleaning and rearranging your bathroom, it may still feel like something is missing or still feeling cluttered. In this case, try some creative storage solutions. We have seen things like rustic blanket ladders for extra towels, vanity trays or fun shelves to elegantly display your skincare routine, and even organizers underneath the sink for cleaning products and more.

Refine with Florals

With a fresh look and new feel, your bathroom is now in need of spring blooms. This is just another way to add that sweet burst of color and natural heavenly aromas to your home. Flowers also eliminate the need for synthetic fragrances, aerosol air fresheners, or candles.

  • Peonies: A spring favorite representing love and luck
  • Hydrangea: Inspires feelings of serenity and “zen”
  • Orchids: Associated with refinement and elegance
  • Sweet Peas: A sweet representation of bliss and pleasure

With the warmth of the spring sunshine and the smell of fresh flowers, we are ready to welcome this new season. Bring a little sunshine and warmth inside as you freshen up your home in an eco-friendly way and add a touch of joy and relaxation to your decor. Find your favorite spring blooms and air purifying plants here at Flower Kingdom.