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Bring The Perfect Hostess Gift to Any Thanksgiving Celebration

Thanksgiving is almost here and we’re excited to celebrate all of blessings with the people we love. If you’re among the lucky guests being invited to a Thanksgiving celebration this year, don’t think you’re totally off the hook. Bringing a hostess gift is an important part of being a good guest, so make sure you choose something your hostess will love. 

To find the perfect hostess gift, consider the type of Thanksgiving celebration you’ll be attending. The floral designers at Flower Kingdom have broken down some gift options according to the style party you’ll be attending. Take a look and find something you’ll love to give as much as your hostess will love to receive it.

Why is a Hostess Gift Important?

First of all, it’s simply good etiquette to arrive with a hostess gift in hand. Showing up empty-handed is simply not an option. Consider everything your hostess is doing to make your day fabulous- between the planning, shopping and preparation, there’s a lot that goes into this meal and this day. Thanking your hostess with a token of your appreciation is only right. 

Awesome Hostess Gift Ideas for Friendsgiving 

This new holiday is quickly moving from a trend to a tradition. Friendsgiving looks very much like a traditional Thanksgiving, only it’s typically celebrated on the weekend or two before Thanksgiving Day and with friends instead of relatives. If you find your tribe preparing to feast together, make a point of pitching in and gifting your hostess with something useful or helpful. They’ll be grateful for your contribution and you’ll enjoy your day more knowing you helped. 

  • Something to Share: Bring or send a beautiful floral centerpiece like our Sunflower Centerpiece that your hostess can use on her serving or dining tables during the meal. 
  • Something to Save: A fun treat to be enjoyed tomorrow is a thoughtful way to help your hostess relax and unwind after the busy Friendsgiving event. A good book, a relaxing spa set, or a pretty throw blanket will help her rest and reflect on the day’s activities. 
  • Something to Keep: Bring something that she’ll enjoy for years to come, like decorative cheese cutters or an engraved cutting board. 
Red candle in center of sunflowers

Fabulous Fall Flowers Centerpiece

Round Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs

Meaningful Hostess Gifts for Thanksgiving with the In-Laws

There’s often nothing more daunting than spending a holiday with your in-laws, but with a little bit of forethought and planning, you can come prepared to wow them from the beginning. Set yourself up for success when you present your host and hostess with one of these great gifts. 

  • Monogrammed Tea Towels: They’ll love the personal touch, plus they can use or display these whenever they have guests. 
  • Engraved Coasters: Beautiful stone or wood coasters with a Thanksgiving theme or saying on them will look great and save the furniture, as well!
  • Themed Cookie Cutters: High quality cookie cutters with holiday themes will be a fun investment in your host’s home for years to come. 

Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts

Thoughtful Hostess Gifts for Traditional Thanksgivings

Perhaps you’ve been included, once again, in the family get-together: all the usual relatives eating the same familiar dishes. It’s comforting to know some things never change, but it can also be difficult to know what to bring your hostess. Here are some fun ideas that can even become a tradition of their own if you bring them each year:

  • Tea or Coffee: If you know your hostess always serves tea and coffee with dessert after dinner, think about bringing a fresh supply, maybe even in unusual flavors. She’ll love the help as well as the acknowledgement that this is one of her traditions. 
  • Breakfast Treats: Especially for overnight guests, showing up with some breakfast muffins or a casserole is a great way to relieve the cook of her duties the morning after Thanksgiving. Your hostess will be so grateful to have a break from the kitchen.
  • Goodies for Pets: If your host and hostess have pets, bring a treat or toy for each of them. Your hostess- and her pets- will love you for it. 
  • Beautiful Flowers: Send a gorgeous centerpiece, like our Autumn Sunbeams Centerpiece, ahead of time if you think your hostess will be glad for the help. Or, if you think she’ll have centerpieces covered already, send flowers after Thanksgiving to say thank-you. 
sunflowers and orange flowers in vase

Festive Fall Flowers – Autumn Sunbeams Centerpiece

stuffed dog bones toys

Dog Toys

However you celebrate Thanksgiving, make sure you’re a grateful guest when you bring a hostess gift that acknowledges their effort in putting the meal together. Having a lot of guests, preparing enough food and drinks, decorating, and all the extras that go with such an event, is a big undertaking and you’ll make it easier on your hostess with your gift. For more great ideas, talk to the design experts at Flower Kingdom and let us help you choose the perfect hostess gift.