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Posted by Sonari Pathak on July 18, 2022 General

Date Ideas Based on Your Partner’s Love Language for a Romantic August

Romance Awareness Month is an opportunity for couples to make their everyday lives extraordinary and romantic. Celebrate romance with us here at Flower Kingdom all August long by sending flowers, saying “I love you” more often, and spending extra quality time with your significant other. August was dubbed Romance Month by Eileen Buccheim in an effort to help couples reconnect and embrace love all year round, as it falls exactly six months after Valentine’s Day. So, order your fresh blooms and mark your calendar in preparation for a lovely, passionate, and romantic August with your partner.

Ways to Celebrate Romance Month and Speak Your Partner’s Love Language

In 1992, Dr. Gary Chapman introduced The 5 Love Languages as a tool for couples to connect on a deeper and meaningful level. Each person tends to identify with a specific love language: words of affirmation, physical touch, acts of service, quality time, or receiving gifts. When we speak our partner’s love language, our romantic gestures go a long way and make our partners feel seen, heard, desired, and adored. Try speaking your significant other’s love language this August with some tips below.

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Leave Love Notes – Words of Affirmation

Whether you hand-write a love note, leave tiny post-it notes, or send romantic, sweet text messages throughout the day, telling your significant other how much they are loved, appreciated, beautiful, and kind will never go out of style. Creating romance through the written word is the best way to express love to someone whose love language is “words of affirmation.”

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Enjoy a Long Weekend Away – Quality Time

Now and then, it is important to silence all distractions and be truly present with your partner. Planning a long weekend away from family, work, pets, friends, and social media is a fantastic way to focus on spending quality time with your significant other. Explore a new vacation destination or return to your favorite spot, perhaps one that reminds you of the early days in your relationship when you fell deeply in love.

Go Dancing – Physical Touch

You don’t have to be a dancer or even like to dance to connect with your partner while music plays. Whether you are listening to live music, at a wedding, or playing tunes at home, hold your significant other close or simply hold their hand and sway. Make a physical connection and move to some romantic music together.

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Send Flowers – Receiving Gifts

All living things have their own language, including flowers. While the blooms in your garden may not be conversing with one another, they indeed send messages and hold inspiring meaning and symbolism that humans use to express their emotions, encouragement, and love. This Romance Month, send your significant other stems like orchids, roses, carnations, daisies, sunflowers, larkspur, or violets. These stunning flowers symbolize things like happiness, romance, beauty, attraction, and love.

Tackle the Chores Together – Acts of Service

With 31 days in August, Romance Month offers many opportunities for you to lend a helping hand. Since chores are something no one seems to look forward to, start tackling the to-do list before your partner has a chance to ask. From cleaning the kitchen and washing the car to scrubbing the bathroom and putting away laundry, they will be genuinely touched and grateful while feeling loved and appreciated.

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Plan a Weekly Dinner Date – All Five Love Languages

If you can’t pinpoint your partner’s love language, reserving one day a week throughout August to take them to dinner or cook their favorite homemade meal is sure to cover all of the bases. A flower bouquet doubles as a stunning centerpiece and gift for your sweetheart. Chat over dinner about what you find attractive and alluring about them. Discuss future plans like upcoming vacations or fun weekend activities. Turn off all cell phones and hold hands while you spend a wonderfully romantic evening together.

Make August a celebration of your deep connection, romance, love, and the happiness you experience as you build your life with your partner. Whether you plan a date night or want to spoil your significant other, Flower Kingdom has the best flowers to let them know how much they are heard, seen, appreciated, and adored.

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