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Posted by Flower Kingdom on January 9, 2020 | Last Updated: June 11, 2024 General

Do Valentine’s Day the Smart Way – Order Your Flowers Early

Store shelves are covered in pink and red sweets, teddy bears, and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, which can mean only one thing — Valentine’s Day is almost here. Our Palm Beach Gardens florists at Flower Kingdom recommend getting an early start on all of your Valentine’s Day planning to make sure you’re able to enjoy a stress-free, fun holiday with your special someone. 

Red roses in stunning red glass art vase

Legendary Love Bouquet

Why We Recommend Putting in Your Valentine’s Day Order Early


Breezy Delivery

Valentine’s Day is the busiest day of the year for florists and our delivery drivers, which means we’re on a very tight schedule. To ensure you’re able to get the delivery time slot that works best for you and your recipient, it’s essential to place your order early. When you order your flowers early, you’ll be guaranteed delivery.

Have Your Pick

Millions of flowers are sold on Valentine’s Day every year, which means the most sought-after colors, flowers, and designs sell out fast. When you place your order early, you’ll be able to make your selection from our entire menu of seasonal, romantic designs. Order early to make sure you get your first choice in flowers.

Luxe lilies in a beautifully blushing shade of pink are sure to make them smile, no matter the occasion!

Blush Rush Bouquet

Skip the Stress

The last way you should be spending Valentine’s Day is running around, trying to make last-minute arrangements. Book your dinner reservations, purchase your gifts, and order your flowers well in advance, so you can avoid the rush, the crowds, and the stress on the most romantic day of the year.

Increase the Excitement

This year, February 14th falls on a Friday, which creates the perfect opportunity to celebrate Valentine’s Day all week long. Having your flowers delivered on Monday with the promise of a romantic evening or weekend away come Friday will build up the romance.

When Should You Order?

The earlier, the better! We recommend ordering flowers for Valentine’s Day in early February and waiting no later than one week before Valentine’s Day to put in your order requests.

magnificent bouquet of roses, lilies, alstroemeria and more, artfully arranged in an elegant red blown-glass vase.

One of a Kind Love Bouquet

Choose a Local Flower Shop for a Guaranteed Great Experience

When you order from a local flower shop, instead of a national flower delivery chain, you will get your choice of product and our company will stand behind the product delivered. You’ll never be hit with unexpected delivery fees or processing charges, and you’ll always receive a bouquet that’s hand-crafted from the freshest, most beautiful flowers available in our area.

What to Do When You’re Ready to Order

Valentine’s Day is our busiest time of the year. When you’re ready to order, we recommend keeping your wishes and customizations simple to ensure you’re able to get the flowers and design you want. It’s best to have all your information ready including the name, address, and phone number of your recipient. If there’s any chance your recipient could be in a different location, we recommend providing an alternate address as well.

Our flower shop is very busy around Valentine’s Day, but we promise to do our best to accommodate all your requests. Whether you order online, in person, or over the phone, our Flower Kingdom florists will do their best to help you select the best bouquet for Valentine’s Day.