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Posted by Flower Kingdom on October 24, 2019 | Last Updated: June 11, 2024 General

Fall in Love with Your Fall Front Porch

When fall approaches, it’s a great time to enjoy the cooler weather and changing seasons. A great way to celebrate the changing seasons is with beautiful home decor. At Flower Kingdom, we highly encourage you to not just decorate the inside of your home but also the front porch. Your front porch is the first thing people see when they approach your home. It can be an inspiration to your entire neighborhood as they decorate their homes, as well.

Plus, decorating your front porch will give you a sense of creativity and inspiration as you move into a new season. We have highlighted some creative ways to design your front porch that will help you get into the spirit of fall. Take a look at our tips, tricks, and reasons why decorating your front porch for fall is truly important.

Take Pride in Decorating Your Front Porch for Fall

Your front porch is like your home’s first impression. You want to make sure it’s beautiful and inviting. Fresh flowers are essential, as well as seasonal decorations. Here are a few more reasons why it’s important to decorate your front porch for fall:

  • Anticipate the holidays. When we start to see fall decorations, we realize the holiday season is approaching. So when you decorate your front porch for fall, you build that anticipation for friends, family, and neighbors everywhere.
  • Inspire your neighbors. When your neighbors see your beautiful fall decor on your front porch, they’ll be inspired to do the same to their home. Before you know it, your entire neighborhood will have a fall-themed facelift.
  • Create a warm welcome. Your front porch is the entrance to your home, so guests, friends, and family who approach will be greeted with fun and creative fall displays. Give them a warm welcome with gorgeous accent pieces like pumpkins and gourds, as well as beautiful fall flowers.
  • Add curb appeal. Even if you don’t have time to repaint your home or remodel, a quick decor update is a great way to feel like new again. Fresh flowers and blooming plants, gorgeous fall colors and a few extra accents will make your front porch and home feel refreshed.

Include Fall-Inspired Containers on your Fall Front Porch

The containers you use for your fall flowers will make a difference in the aesthetics on your front porch. Choose natural materials or something a little out of the ordinary that gives a fall flair to your design.

  • Crates: Wooden crates stacked on top of one another create cubbies for mini-pumpkins, corn husks, or pots of petunias and daisies. Design a pleasing display using upturned crates.
  • Barrels: Rustic barrels are also great table tops or platforms for pots of mums or Russian sage. Our Enchanted Harvest Bouquet will look fall-perfect when displayed on a wooden barrel. Add a few pumpkins to the base of the barrel for a fun fall look.
  • Metal Cart: A metal bar cart or gardening cart makes a beautiful display platform for all of your pumpkins and gourds.
  • Pumpkins: Choose large pumpkins then hollow them out to create a fresh planter for matching marigolds or contrasting lavender, depending on what type of look you hope to achieve.

Gather Inspiration for your Fall Decor

Remember that this can be your own design your front porch should reflect your personality and style here a few fun creative ideas that you might want to use or that will inspire something you have your own

  • Rocking Chair: A wooden rocking chair on the front porch with a cheerful scarecrow, a few pumpkins, or textile accents like flannel blankets will be an invitation to come sit a spell on your fall front porch.
  • Ribbons on Pumpkins: Instead of carving faces into pumpkins, decorate your pumpkins with fresh fall ribbons in fun patterns or matching colors.
  • Color Scheme: Create a color scheme or palette that you stick with across your front porch. Powder blue hydrangeas go well with tans, creamy whites, and moss greens, for example. Give your whole porch a specific, personalized feel.
  • Gourds and Succulents: Create a surprising combination of gourds and succulents in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes for a textural feast of the eyes. Place on a dining tray as a table-top display on your front porch’s table.

No matter how you choose to decorate your front porch, doing so will be an uplifting and cheerful embrace of the fall season. Celebrate the season in style and showcase a bit of your own creativity and personality. For more great ideas about how to decorate your porch or tips on accent pieces, talk to the floral experts at Flower Kingdom. We have beautiful porch flowers ready to go that you can send to yourself or friends and loved ones so they can make the most of their front porch, too!