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Flower Kingdom - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Posted by Flower Kingdom on January 19, 2021 | Last Updated: June 11, 2024 General


Celebrating your love in two different locations this year doesn’t mean you can’t still spoil your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. Our team of romantics here at Flower Kingdom in Palm Beach Gardens, came up with a few perfect ideas for you to send to your loved one. Remind them of beautiful memories, create a cozy morning, or gift them a new hobby while you both countdown the minutes until you’re reunited.

Seven Perfect Surprises For Your Long-Distance Romance

Personalized Puzzle

Keep your sweetheart occupied while you’re apart with a personalized puzzle. Create a fun reminder of a favorite date, adventure, or even a silly selfie to make it a thoughtful gift. Your significant other will enjoy remembering precious moments as they spend time fitting the pieces together.

Long-Distance Touch Lamps

Sending simple text messages throughout the day whenever your love pops into your head is sweet, but sometimes you crave a little more romance. Getting you and your partner a set of Long-Distance Touch Lamps is the perfect way to stay connected in a second. All you need to do is tap your lamp and the other will instantly glow, along with their face. Distance no longer matters when you’re sending fun colors or sweet messages to each other without any fuss.

Heart-Shaped Breakfast Gadgets

If you’re sad to be missing out on cooking a wonderful Valentine’s Day breakfast spread, supply your sweetheart with a few special gadgets so their morning is still special. Heart-shaped pans, waffle irons, cookie cutters, and other molds will make their sweet tooth jump for joy and their heart flutter. Plan a virtual breakfast date so you can see their sweet creations from afar.

Scented Candles

Our sense of smell is a very powerful thing that can transport us back to a favorite moment, memory, or location. How wonderful to be able to send your long-distance partner to one of these special places? Give them a scented candle to spark a memory of your favorite date, another special loved one, or a fun adventure. Let their face light up as soon as they open the package by personalizing the label with a photo, message, or quote.

Electric Foot or Neck Massager

Do you enjoy giving your significant other loving foot rubs or neck massages after a hard day? We’re sure they miss those loving gestures as well. There aren’t many ways to speak the love language of physical touch from a distance, but we know a way to help pamper your partner from afar. An electric foot or neck massager will ease the pain in their heart from missing their other half, as well as ease the tension of their physical aches. When they close their eyes, they’ll feel your loving touch once again.

Send this fun balloon bunch to celebrate your love and let them know they are cherished. The bouquet includes 6 mylar balloons(pattern of the blank and and love balloon varies) tied together with a ribbon.

Love Balloon Bunch

Love Balloon Bunch

Even while you are apart, you can still fill up their home with an abundance of your love by sending them a Love Balloon Bunch. These fun, quirky, yet elegant balloons are a classic way to send your significant other your love from afar. As these balloons will float around their home for a few days, you will certainly be on their mind.

This 22-piece chocolate gift is filled with dark chocolate pieces in fabulous flavors and satisfying textures

Godiva Dark Chocolate Gift Box

If your sweetie has a sweet tooth, this might be the perfect gift for them. The most romantic Godiva Dark Chocolate Gift Box is ready to be ordered at Flower Kingdom. Godiva dark chocolate is sure to make anyone swoon with mouthwatering textures and flavors.

Gorgeous long stemmed red roses are the perfect romantic gift to send to the one who's always on your mind and in your heart

Always On My Mind

We know your favorite guy or gal is always on your mind, so express yourself through romantic long-stemmed red roses. A tried and true way to say, “I love you” is with our gorgeous arrangement perfectly titled, “Always On My Mind.” Your significant other is sure to love this beautiful symbol of love and romance.

However you choose to spoil and pamper your long-distance Valentine, Flower Kingdom is here to ensure your special delivery is handled with love.