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Flower Kingdom - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

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Allow yourself to escape and unplug from the world around you this Valentine’s Day. If you plan on staying home, your friends at Flower Kingdom, the best florist in Palm Beach Gardens, put together a guide for the perfect at-home date. From staying cozy with your sweetheart to sharing love with your community, or simply enjoying peace and quiet by yourself, we have it all.

Unique Ways To Spend Valentine’s Day

WOW! An amazing expression of love expressed by this romantic arrangment for your special someone. Red roses, pink lilies, green hydragneas, fragratn stock and hypericum are nestled amidst bluperumin a modern keepsake red glass vase. Send this arrangement to that special someone to know they are love.

Send Flowers

Romance is in the air, and so is the sweet fragrance of elegant blooms. Make your romantic day complete with an elegant bouquet of roses or fresh flowers, like our “Truly Stunning Amour.” Whether they’re a surprise for your honey or you enjoy selecting the perfect arrangement for yourself or for someone who could use a little love, it’ll be the cherry on top of a perfect day.

Old Hollywood movie in black and white

Hold a Romantic Movie Marathon

Are you ready to feel the love even as you celebrate solo this Valentine’s Day? Live vicariously through timeless romantic couples from classic films, like “Titanic,” “The Proposal,” “Dirty Dancing,” or “Roman Holiday.” Spoil yourself with a cozy atmosphere complete with your favorite bottle of wine.

Couple meditating back to back

Try a Couple’s Yoga Class

Start your date with an hour of zen through a virtual yoga class. Since couple’s yoga is all about trust, communication, and relaxation, it’s the perfect recipe for a calm and cozy Valentine’s Day at home. Escape the hustle of everyday life before settling into a romantic evening together.

Rose petals in the shape of a heart and long stem rose in the center of a jigsaw puzzle

Build a Jigsaw Puzzle

This cozy activity is perfect for a sweet Valentine’s Day inside with your love. Test how well you two work together as you sift through hundreds of puzzle pieces and build a masterpiece. Make it romantic by burning candles, sitting on warm blankets and pillows by the fireplace, and listening to soft music or a favorite movie.

Brown donation boxes with shoes and clothes

Make a Loving Donation

This thoughtful idea can either be done on your own or as a team with your Valentine. Make this year exceptional as you send a loving donation to a local charity or organization that tugs on your heartstrings. No matter what you send, your generosity and love will be met with reciprocating gratitude and admiration. 

Brown envelopes with white letters inside and sparkly red hearts.

Exchange Love Letters

Express yourself with a love letter or homemade Valentine’s Day card for your beau. Write in advance, or enjoy a fun arts and crafts night with your sweetheart as you each create a letter to exchange. Find your creative and romantic sides together and fall in love again as you read each other’s beautiful words. 

Bottle of wine, assorted box of chocolate, and two red wine glasses

Pair Your Favorite Chocolate and Wine

Enjoy a classic Valentine’s Day tradition with a unique twist. You and your significant other will love this sweet treat of assorted chocolates and a few bottles of your favorite wines, including champagne. Mix and match various chocolates with different wines to create your own at-home tasting. Make it romantic with the perfect ambiance, including candles and timeless red roses.

Kick back and relax this Valentine’s Day. What could be sweeter than an afternoon of self-care or an evening of romance to help you forget about the stresses of the “real world?” However you plan to celebrate, let us help make it special with beautiful blooms from Flower Kingdom