Flower Kingdom - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Flower Kingdom - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Posted by flowermanager on April 2, 2020 General

Support Sustainable | Flower Kingdom

Flower Kingdom is proud to be an industry leader in sustainable and eco-friendly practices. From fairtrade flowers to recyclable boxes and a push to reuse, reduce, and recycle, you can always count on us to participate in and advocate for a better tomorrow. 


Count on your favorite, local Palm Beach Gardens florist to continue serving you and our planet for years to come. Read more below or call to connect with our floral designers.

🌴 Are our flowers fairtrade?🌴

Flower Kingdom is proud to buy our flowers from farms in Ecuador and Colombia that meet the guidelines of fair trade policies. We are honored to support Fair Trade farms to ensure that our flowers are picked by workers who are treated fairly, paid a living wage, and recognized within the industry. We believe in our people, in our flowers, and will always try to support the best possible world.

🌸  Can I recycle Flower Kingdom’s boxes?🌸

Of course! Flower Kingdom is proud to send our boxed flowers, plants, and gifts in recyclable boxes. If you don’t have a recycling bin, bring it back! We will recycle it for you. Our logo-delivery boxes, the boxes in which our fresh flowers are delivered to us, and our carry-out boxes are all recyclable and ready for a new life.

Our boxes are not landfill worthy. Give them new life with recycling.

🌴 Can I bring in my own container?🌴

Yes! If you have a favorite vase, if you’ve bought flowers from us in the past, or if you just aren’t sure what to do with your vase after your flowers have finished brightening your home, give us a jingle! We can fill any of your favorite vases with new life and new flowers.

We do not charge extra for utility vases, which are a reusable vase that can be recycled. 

🌸  Compost, save, or dry: What to do with your old flowers?🌸

Flower Kingdom is proud to offer a stunning array of gorgeous bouquets, but as with all fresh flowers, they do eventually fade. There are many ways to make sure your flowers are put to bed in the best possible way, from community composting to drying your flowers to preserve as a keepsake. We strongly encourage you to make sure your flowers are laid to rest appropriately.

🌴 Why does Flower Kingdom care so much?🌴

Flower Kingdom is devoted to the best —  the best customer service, the best flower arrangements, and the best for the planet. Whether it’s on our own time cleaning the beach, or just flipping the paper in the printer, we are dedicated to the community, to the planet, and to simply, providing the best.