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Flower Kingdom - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Posted by Sonari Pathak on October 30, 2020 General

Thanksgiving Traditions & Floral Beauty

The Thanksgiving season is one that is overflowing with tradition and custom, both those passed down through the centuries and those our families have originated. At Flower Kingdom, we understand traditions. We have been providing beautiful and award-winning floral arrangements and bouquets to the Palm Beach Gardens since 1986. Our entire team looks forward to playing a small part in your family’s Thanksgiving traditions.

Talking Turkey

No one really knows if there was turkey served at the first Thanksgiving in 1621 – the recorded accounts seem to indicate that there was not. Instead, the settlers and the Wampanoag Indians shared venison, lobster, and clams, along with fruit, berries, and gourds. However, in the late 1700’s, Alexander Hamilton asserted that “no citizen should be without a turkey on Thanksgiving”, so at some point, the turkey was given the dubious distinction of being our holiday meal. On Thanksgiving Day in 2016, 88% of Americans will eat turkey.

A floral arrangement to a celebrate color and design that brings energy, radiant beauty, and unmatched elegance to your special recipient's every day. Handcrafted with an expert eye and consciously on trend with an impressive Ombre look and feel. Showcasing a sophisticated transition in colors capturing the eye first with the bright pink mokara orchids, folding into the deep red gerbera daisies, and then melding into the bright orange roses, and vibrant yellow calla lilies, this floral arrangement is meant to express joy with its modern design appeal.

Beyond Brilliance

Pardon Me

From the establishment of the national holiday in 1863, the choicest turkey was delivered to the White House each year for the big dinner. John F. Kennedy is reported to have said “Let’s just let this one live” when he was ceremonially presented with his Thanksgiving bird. Since that time, the president officially pardons one lucky bird each year – and yes, it is a lifetime pardon.

Bold beauty of bright roses and lilies surrounded by fall flowers, captures every expression of autumn joy. Complete with bursts of fall daisy, yellow button pompoms, this arrangement is set in a modern tan bamboo container to accent any home. Gift this bouquet for a fall birthday, holiday gathering or simply just because, it will surely brighten their day!

Welcome Autumn Centerpiece

A Few Good Years

Many of the Thanksgiving traditions we hold so dear began in the same time frame as our very own flower shop. In 1924, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade got off the ground, and by 1927 their balloons were also off the ground, with Felix the Cat and Mickey Mouse being the first of the iconic inflatables. In 1934, the Detroit Lions began the tradition of playing football on Thanksgiving Day, and they have taken the field every holiday since.

Tres chic! This high-fashion mix of bold orange roses and eye-catching blue eryngium, arranged in a frosted art glass vase, is a stand-out gift for any occasion! This chic arrangement features orange spray roses, dark orange carnations, peach miniature carnations, blue eryngium, seeded eucalyptus, and dusty miller. Delivered in a Blue Skies Color Frost Art Glass cylinder.

Standout Chic Bouquet

The Times Keep Changing

New twists on Thanksgiving traditions are inevitable. For the last two decades, deep-fried turkey has gained a loyal and ever-growing fan base. This Cajun version of the holiday classic cooks rapidly and results in a delicious bird. Many purists miss the aroma of a roasting turkey filling the air all afternoon, however, and refuse to give up the slow-cooked delicacy.  Another uniquely contemporary trend is that of heading straight out to the stores for Black Friday sales; in fact, a small but growing group has been observing a new tradition. Trading a home-cooked meal for eating at a restaurant, they put themselves in close proximity to the bargains and skip the cleanup.

Whatever your idea of the perfect Thanksgiving, Flower Kingdom has centerpieces, bouquets, and arrangements that are far from your standard floral fare. Make gorgeous Thanksgiving flowers a new tradition in your home this year – give us a call to get your order in early.