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Flower Kingdom - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Posted by Sonari Pathak on May 4, 2021 | Last Updated: May 19, 2021 General

The Perfect Ideas for Styling and Hosting a Backyard BBQ

Every summer we look forward to gathering with loved ones and enjoying each other’s company at a classic backyard BBQ. Since this year’s celebrations are sure to be treasured and cherished more than ever, allow your outside decor to speak to just how precious this time together is by incorporating fresh and bright summer flowers. Your friends here at Flower Kingdom, the best florist in Palm Beach Gardens, are always happy to share ideas, tips, and suggestions when it comes to arranging and displaying your favorite blooms. 

The Best Tips for Hosting a Fabulous Cookout

Colorful flowers in tin cans

Repurpose Old Bottles & Tin Cans

Upcycling is all the rage these days, and we especially love this idea when it comes to fresh flower vases. Old tin cans, mason jars, and even soda bottles and teacups make for unique, creative, rustic, and vintage ways to display your bright summer blooms. There is nothing better than a little DIY project to let your creativity run free as you get ready to host the best backyard BBQ your guests have ever attended.

Large pink flower arrangement on food table

Include a Large Monochromatic Floral Arrangement

Another trend that can inspire you is creating a large monochromatic centerpiece to serve as the main focal point of your BBQ decor. Use a variety of summer blooms that share the same color to create a piece that complements the rest of your decor and backyard atmosphere. Continue using the same colors throughout your decor for a full monochromatic color palette or switch it up with complementary colors for a sleek, stylish, vibrant, and fun look.

Yellow flowers hanging in glass vases

Hang Seasonal Florals from Above

Hanging café bulbs or string lights from hook and tree branches around your outdoor space creates a marvelous, warm, and romantic atmosphere. Add even more colorful and whimsical elements by adorning these same unique spots with hanging vases and bottles of fresh floral. As the summer sun highlights your dreamy décor followed by a brilliant sunset, your friends and family will marvel over the wonderful view above them.

White flowers in vintage green bottles

Incorporate Unique Bud Vases

Another brilliant way to spice up your outdoor décor is with vintage, chic, and artistic bud vases filled with summertime blooms. Gather an array of bud vases in varying shapes, styles, and sizes with an equally eclectic collection of your favorite flowers and greenery. After creating your mini arrangements, sprinkle them around food and guest tables, arrange them in clusters, or line the center of long tables like a runner.

Best Flowers for Your Backyard BBQ Decor

Finding the freshest plants and flowers is half the battle when it comes to your backyard BBQ decor. Select quality blooms that are sure to thrive all day, even in the balmy summer heat, like:

Wax flowers









The atmosphere and decor of your backyard BBQ will help inspire and set the tone and mood for your cookout with friends and family. As you enjoy gathering with your loved ones and sharing their company, make the day special with your own creative ideas. You can always reach out to your friends here at Flower Kingdom for the best blooms of the season.

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