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Flower Kingdom - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

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Welcome New Neighbors with Beautiful Flowers and Vibrant Plants

If you live in a close-knit community, you might hear rumors of new neighbors coming into town before you see moving vans! Getting new neighbors is one of the most exciting life events, especially if you enjoy connecting with friends and families who live close by. Here at Flower Kingdom, the best florist in Palm Beach Gardens, we value giving new neighbors a nice warm welcome through uplifting blooms and rejuvenating plants to make them feel right at home. Whether you are looking for something to ease the stress of moving, brighten their new home, or symbolize your friendship and support, we have the perfect botanicals in mind.

A Warm Welcome to the Neighborhood


Once a highly coveted bloom in the Victorian Ages, orchids are adored for their regal beauty and symbolism. Yellow orchids signify friendship and new beginnings, while green orchids are said to bring blessings and good fortune. A green plant that adds a lovely pop of color is simply perfect for any housewarming.


With their large, vibrant leaves, monstera plants are a fantastic way to create a warm, cozy, and refreshing atmosphere in any home. They are certainly a showstopper but also seamlessly mesh into any style of home decor. Not to mention, in eastern cultures, the monstera plant symbolizes respect, longevity, and honor.

Lucky Bamboo

In addition to bringing good luck, a lucky bamboo plant is also linked to harmony, peace, and happiness, which are all heartwarming sentiments for welcoming a new neighbor. Lucky bamboo is not only symbolic but can be quite interesting to look at and enhances the look and feel of a home.

Peace Lily

Some would assume that a peace lily represents peacefulness, tranquility, and calm. While that may be true, peace lilies also symbolize fortune, prosperity, and good luck. This lovely symbolism, paired with their alluring green leaves and graceful white blooms, makes peace lilies a meaningful housewarming gift.


Peonies are sweet, graceful, and delicate blooms that are truly synonymous with sending someone “best wishes.” Especially if your new neighbor is newly engaged or married, the peonies are ideal flowers to include in their welcome bouquet. They represent wealth, joy, love, goodwill, and happy marriage.


Nothing says “welcome” like a sunflower’s large, yellow, round face waiting to greet you. As it follows the sun, this bloom is bursting with mood-lifting abilities, adds a pop of sunshine to the home, and signifies peace, love, happiness, optimism, and longevity. It’s the ideal housewarming bloom.

Stargazer Lilies

Like orchids, the significance and symbolism behind stargazer lilies rely on the color of their bold, daring, and exquisite petals. Yellow lilies represent joy, while pink lilies are said to bring abundance and prosperity. A mixed bouquet of lilies is a brilliant welcoming gift for new neighbors.


Blooming in the springtime, daffodils are symbols of new beginnings, which makes them ideal cheerful flowers for someone moving into a new home. Their unique, quirky, and trumpet-like appearance symbolizes chivalry or being courteous and thoughtful like a good neighbor.

Taking the initiative to walk across the street to greet your new neighbors is a lovely welcoming gesture in and of itself. However, if you are looking to really convey your hospitality and willingness to make a new friend, Flower Kingdom always has the ideal symbolic flowers for the occasion.

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