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Flower Kingdom - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Posted by Flower Kingdom on October 13, 2023 | Last Updated: June 11, 2024 General

Why a Floral Workshop is the Top Experience Gift Everyone Wants This Holiday Season

‘Tis the season for holiday gifting! The quest for that perfect present—one that is as unique and special as your loved ones—can often feel like a race against time. But the growing trend is leaning towards gifting experiences, a chance to make everlasting memories. That’s why here at Flower Kingdom, the top florist in Palm Beach Gardens, we are exploring a holiday gift like no other — floral design classes that promise a blend of fun, learning, and the joy of creating something beautiful. It’s a gift that fits all, bringing a fragrant touch of floral delight to your festive season.

Experiences Can Be Worth More Than Things

You don’t need to be a minimalist to love an experience gift. Studies have shown that experiences resonate deeper and result in more lasting happiness than tangible items. The joy of experience gifts unfolds in a beautiful sequence – the initial excitement upon receiving the gift, the mounting anticipation as the experience nears, the sheer pleasure of the event itself, and the heartwarming memories that follow. Opt for a floral design class, and there’s an added perk: the creation of a floral masterpiece to take home.

It’s a Gift That Keeps on Giving

There’s an undeniable charm in gifting flowers— they instantly bring warmth to homes, offices, and festive gatherings. But imagine gifting an experience where these blossoms become a canvas for creativity. That’s what floral design classes offer. Amidst laughter, delightful snacks, and refreshing drinks, participants get to immerse themselves in the art of arranging seasonal blooms while enjoying the company of others. As the class concludes, they leave not just with memories but with a personalized floral masterpiece to admire in their home, echoing the fun and camaraderie of the day.

It’s a Fun Way to Bond With Loved Ones

Floral design classes welcome individuals of every skill level, making these events the perfect hotspot for family members or friends celebrating the holiday season together. The atmosphere is filled with cheer, encouraging laughter over small mistakes, and collective support and admiration for each other’s efforts. It’s more than a learning experience; it’s a journey of bonding, leaving everyone with heartwarming memories and joy-infused bouquets.

Creating Something & Learning a New Skill Is Good for You

This holiday, give a gift that engages the senses and stimulates the mind. Floral design is an ever-evolving craft, with new styles and techniques coming into bloom every day. Perfect for those weary of workday monotony, a floral design class provides a captivating way to stretch those dormant creative muscles, work with your hands, and step away from your desk and screens. Breathing in the fresh scents of winter blooms and exercising your mind in a new way is simply rejuvenating.

Flowers Make People Happy

Flowers have this magical ability to elevate the holiday season in a way that’s both subtle and magnificent. They add a layer of natural beauty to any setting, making homes and event spaces feel warm, inviting, and festive. Think of a table centerpiece made of pine, holly, and bright red poinsettias at a family dinner or a bouquet of white roses and greenery adorning a mantle. These arrangements serve as visual reminders of the season’s joy, almost like nature’s own holiday ornaments. To learn more about the power of flowers, check out our blog on the benefits of fresh blooms.

Don’t settle for the typical when you can gift an experience and winter stems from Flower Kingdom. Swing by your local florist to sign up for a workshop that’s sure to brighten everyone’s holiday.

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