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Flower Kingdom - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Posted by Sonari Pathak on December 11, 2023 | Last Updated: December 18, 2023 General

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Surprise: Gift Him Fresh Flowers and Plants

Romance is in the air, which means Valentine’s Day is nearly here! If you feel stuck wondering what to get your husband, partner, or boyfriend that will best express your love, consider a floral arrangement or a living plant. Most people overlook fresh blooms as gifts for men, with only 12% of guys ever receiving a bouquet of their own, according to Interflora. However, the Society of American Florists discovered that at least 60% of men actually want to receive a fresh arrangement of beautiful stems. Further research has shown that giving flowers encourages men to converse more openly, make better eye contact, and stand closer to loved ones. So, if you’re hoping to deepen your connection with your man this Valentine’s Day, try one of these blooming gifts from Flower Kingdom, the best florist in Palm Beach Gardens.

Green Houseplants

One of the most thoughtful things you can gift your man is a vibrant green plant. While they enhance the ambiance of any space, plants also present a variety of health benefits, from purifying the air to decreasing stress levels and encouraging happiness. Perhaps you want to gift your man a plant for Valentine’s Day that is believed to bring prosperity and good fortune, like money trees and lucky bamboo. As he tends and cares for his new green plant, he will be reminded of the TLC you both contribute to your beautiful relationship.


Succulents are the perfect gift for a busy guy or one who might not have a green thumb since they require minimal care. Succulents store ample amounts of water in their stems and leaves and are able to thrive in a multitude of conditions, making them a symbol of resilience. Whether sitting on his desk at work or on his bedside table at home, succulents are sweet reminders of the enduring nature of love and how your relationship can survive any challenge.

Flowering Plants

Flowering plants, like white orchids, are one of our favorite gifts to recommend for any recipient, especially men, for Valentine’s Day. Orchids have alluring blooms and are relatively easy to care for. Their exotic beauty offers peace and tranquility, enhancing calming energy no matter what life throws his way. As orchids rebloom year after year, he will be reminded of your grace, beauty, and the ever-flourishing love you share.

Bright Blooms

Thanks to their warm, fiery colors, like exhilarating orange, joyful yellow, and passionate red, bright blooms are sure to capture your man’s attention and symbolize the happiness, positivity, and warmth he brings to your life. When paired with interesting textures and shapes, these hues add a pop of color to contemporary, modern-looking floral designs — think striking anthuriums or exotic birds of paradise. Be sure to personalize his bouquet with his favorite stems and colors or flowers that bring him back to a special moment in time.

Red Roses

Red roses are a Valentine’s Day classic, symbolizing romance, passion, desire, beauty, and devotion. As a universal icon of love, roses know no gender and offer the same sentiment to men as they do to women. With a sweet fragrance and timeless allure, roses awaken the senses and warm the heart. So, break away from the norm and send your number one guy a fresh bouquet of one dozen roses that say, “Be my Valentine.”

If you’re still searching for the best Valentine’s Day gift for your guy, connect with the experts at Flower Kingdom. Whether offering personalized recommendations or creating a one-of-a-kind design, you’ll be able to gift him something extraordinary that speaks to his style and heart.